rodent baiting is bad. ok.


Rodent baiting can be an effective way to control rodent populations.

We offer rodent baiting as a stand-alone service or in addition to any of our services! Rodent Exclusion is a service that frequently goes with our Rodent Baiting Program. Keeping Rats and Pests out of your house is the 1st step to any successful rodent program.

What Is A Rodent Baiting Program?

A rodent bait program is when we replenish rodent bait in rodent bait stations. This reduces the pressure of rats and mice on your home. This is commonly needed on the barrier island community, near woodland areas, areas with old sewers (Downtown Vero Beach, Downtown Melbourne, Eau Gallie Arts District) as they have a tremendous amount of rats.

How Much Does Rodent Baiting Cost?

Rodent Box Installation: $55.00-130.00 each Depending on quality/customer needs.

  • One-Time cost
  • Cost increases as anti-theft needs increase. Raccoons<Humans

Rodent Box Refill: $25.00 (Bi-Monthly or Quarterly)

How Many Rodent Bait Boxes Do I Need?

2= low rat-pressure homes. Low rat pressure homes are generally West of US1. Post 1980’s construction. Few, if any trees. Especially fruit trees.

4+ = high rat-pressure homes. Any beachside home. Houses that are older or are near communities such as downtown Vero Beach, downtown Melbourne, Eau Gallie, or Cocoa Village all feature construction and sewar features conducive to a large population or rodents.

Are Rodent Baits Harmfull To Wildlife?

Yes. Birds of prey (Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Owls) tend to prey on these rodents as they display obvious (to birds) unnatural behavior before they pass. This can cause birds of prey to hemorrhage.

Anti-coagulant, the active ingredient in rodent bait; it can also harm snakes that have eaten dosed rodents.

Please dispose of any rodents discovered before wildlife find it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I bait for rodents will I find less dead rats in my pool?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If I bait for rodents will I find dead rats randomly on my property?

Answer: Yes

Question: I hear rats in my attic. Should I bait for them?

Answer: No. Do not use baits while there is the possibility a rat can die inside your house. Rodent exclusions should be done before the use of baits are considered.

Question: Why did you put a paver on the rodent box you installed?

Answer: We sometimes use pavers as weights, depending on the style or rodent box you’ve chosen so that racoons or Elves don’t try to carry the boxes away. Some premium rodent boxes come with a chamber for a paver for weight to prevent raccoon thefts. Some styles allow for chains to prevent human thefts.

Question: If my dog eats this rodent bait will it die?

Answer: Maybe, but probably not. Depends on how much they’ve eaten and how big the dog is. All situations and dogs are different but generally we don’t recommend rodent baiting in areas that dogs can access the bait boxes.

Question: My dog ate a dead rat. Will it die from the anti-coagulant?

Answer: It’s possible, though unlikely that the anticoagulant that killed the rodent could harm your pet. You should consult your veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Center at 1-800-213-6680 immediately if you suspect your pet has consumed rodent bait.

Why are there do many rats on the barrier island (Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, and Vero Beach)?

The shore of the Indian River Lagoon and the shore of the Atlantic offer an abundant supply of food such as shellfish for rats. We, and nature provide rats with plenty of fruits and other fotter. We’ve also erraticated most natural predators of rats such as rattlesnakes and bobcats. Therefore rats are able to breed prolifically and will take up residence anywhere safe they can.

Should I be worried about rodents in my car?

Yes. If you live in an area with many rats it is best to garage your auto. If you cannot garage your automobile avoid parking it next to food sources (mango, avocado, vegtable gardens, or any palm species dropping it’s fruit on the ground or allowed to ripen on the tree). Rodents can sometimes enter the passenger compartment via the HVAC system in search of forgotten food.

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