Subterranean Termite Treatments start at:

-Under 1,350 Sq Ft-$1,199.00

-Under 1,550 Sq Ft-$1,299.00

-Under 1,650 Sq Ft-$1,389.00

-Under 1,800 Sq Ft-$1,459.00

-Under 2,300 Sq Ft-$1,949.00

-Under 2,800 Sq Ft-$2,349.00

-Under 3,300 Sq Ft-$2,659.00

-Under 3,900 Sq Ft-$3,159.00

-Under 4,400 Sq Ft-$3,549.00

-Under 4,900Sq Ft-$3,999.00

-Over 4,900 Call For Estimate

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

Quarterly Pest Control Service prices start at:

-Under 1,350 Sq Ft-$129.00

-Under 1,800 Sq Ft-$139.00

-Under 2,300 Sq Ft-$149.00

-Under 2,800 Sq Ft- $159.00

-Under 3,300 Sq-Ft-$169.00

-Under 3,900 Sq Ft-$179.00

-Under 4’400 Sq Ft-$189.00

-Under 4,900 Sq-Ft-$199.00

-Over 4,900′ Call for Estimate

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Protect Your Plants, Trees, & Lawn From The Florida Frost & Freeze of 2023-2024

Protect Your Plants, Trees, & Lawn From The Florida Frost & Freeze of 2023-2024

Remember the last time we had a significant freeze in Brevard and Indian River County? It was 2010, and let’s just say, it was a doozy. Floor tiles busted in unoccupied homes, plants were toast, and lawns were brown until April. It was a sight to behold, but not in a good way.

Well, folks, the experts are predicting that this winter is going to be a doozy, too. The only difference is that now we’ll have Iguanas falling out of trees like coconuts. So, if you’re living in Brevard or Indian River County, it’s time to start preparing for the worst.

Guaranteed Once-A-Year Fire Ant Control

Guaranteed Once-A-Year Fire Ant Control

Fire ants, imported or not, are a nuisance on the Space and Treasure Coasts. We offer Once-A-Year Fire Ant Control. This Guarantees you won’t have fire ants or we’ll come back for free!

Square Feet / Price

2,000 / $199

3,000 / $299

4,000 / $399

5,000 / $499

6,000 / $599

Over 6,000 Square Feet? Call today for a quick over the phone quote or click on this article for additional prices!



Pest prevention is the most important aspect of any pest control program. Many areas of your home need to be thought of in order to maintain a pest free environment.

Areas of your home such as:

-Rubbish Bins
-Cardboard Boxes
-Door Seals
-Outdoor Kitchens
-Plants/Trees Touching House
-Insect Exclusion
-Keep Water Draining From House
-Checking Dryer Vents

All effect how pest free your home is. Florida is full of pests and here are some of the most common examples of ways to avoid pests in the first place!